Classic, considered and feminine - Charlotte Penman fuses equal amounts of decorative design with pared-back simplicity.

Striking a balance between hard and soft, metallic and earthy, hand-rendered and machine cut is at the core of the design process. Much of the range is made by hand, using methods that have been developed over many years. These handcrafted techniques combined with modern processes and technology give the collections their distinct aesthetic.

All jewellery is designed in New Zealand by Charlotte, and many of the pieces she hand finishes in her Auckland Studio. Charlotte also collaborates with carefully selected and highly skilled goldsmiths in New Zealand and abroad to realise her ever-expanding collections.


A featured artist in both local and international exhibitions, Charlotte's work is seen in print publications such as Vogue Living, Black and Fashion Quarterly, as well as in various popular New Zealand television series. Her unique and wearable pieces cater to women from many walks of life, an ever-important component of the company's success.

"We aim to be a conscious and thoughtful company, respect for the environment and giving back to the community are important to our ethos. We use sustainable products wherever possible, much of our packaging is made from recycled paper and we use recovered silver and gold in our designs when available."










Artisan jewellery to be worn and treasured, amulet and armour, keepsake for the free-spirited and brave of heart... Pared back luxury for the everyday modern girl.

What started as a joyous and portable pass time while travelling through Asia and Europe, quickly grew into a passion and then a way of life. Charlotte's background in painting and sculpture transferred fluidly into jewellery making. Her interest in stripping back to the essence and finding the core extends through all her work, she creates pieces that enhance without overpowering, that fit comfortably and hold up the feminine with both strength and softness.

With a deep respect for nature and love of art and history, she explores these themes alongside texture, colour and movement. Her passion is to create bespoke celebration and engagement jewellery with earth's precious gems and metals, as well as timeless and thoughtful seasonal jewellery collections.

"I am interested in the long history of adornment across all cultures of the world. It is something women have engaged in since the beginning of humanity. Jewellery is very personal and often sentimental, it goes beyond the surface of beauty and becomes an extension of our form, it brings art into our daily life."